We have staff involved with committee's and mentoring students within the education sector.


Ling Li Teo - Mentor 

I have been involved in NZIFST/ Royal Crest Silver Award for product development in 2016 and thereafter I was asked to be involved in NZIFST/ Royal Crest Bronze Award for product development program this year, mentoring another group of girls from Woodford House based in Havelock North this year.


Woodford house mentoring: 1st hands on session:

The girls got a project brief as healthy pizza – they need to decide on whether they are going to make both the base and the filling or either one. Thus far, they gathered consumer survey from their target market (students of their age) and they are into the prototype development trials. Had an interesting session with them today sharing about what product development is all about and points to take into consideration to decide on the reheating qualities, packaging and shelf life of the products. There will be a follow up session in June to share with them on the things to take note about sensory evaluation.

Attached a group picture taken with Nicola (their teacher in charge of this Bronze project) and the girls taking up this projects.


Woodford house mentoring: 2nd session - Sensory Evaluation

I shared with them on the topic of Sensory Evaluation for their product development (as they had developed their pizza prototypes) and then we went on to a question and answer session with the teams developing sensory evaluation forms after my presentation.

Attached a group picture taken when the class is in their teams working on the development of the sensory evaluation forms for their panellists.


NZIFST Bronze Crest Award Giving Ceremony Day at Woodford House 

Photo taken with the lecturer Nicola Williams (centre), and Jessie McKenzie from NZ Royal Society (Project Manager: Science and Technology Education for the Royal Society of New Zealand) visiting the school for the certificate and badge presentation during the assembly. Both Jessie and myself were invited onto the stage and seated at the front row during the entire assembly and Jessie expressed her thanks for the time taken to volunteer as a student mentor for the girls during her speech.



Stephen Mansfield - Professional Advisory Committee

Stephen is an invited  member of the IANZ Inspection Body Professional Advisory Committee. This committee  is made of individuals from industry, technical, commercial, regulatory, healthcare and administrative sectors. The committee members are selected to review recommendations for accreditation made by IANZ to ISO 17020 for new inspection bodies (e.g. organisations that verify food safety programme, lift inspections, import quarantine inspections, odometer inspections on imported vehicles etc) and ensure accreditation is robust. Each year the committee meets to review overall accreditation requirements, inspection body performance to ensure consistency and meet future industry needs. In the sector of food safety it focusses on consistency between local authorities and verification agencies.



Ling Li Teo NZIFST Committee Member Hawkes Bay 

I have involved myself as a committee member for NZIFST in the Hawkes Bay region since 2015/2016, planning and organising events for the members in the Hawkes Bay region. In particular this year, I am honoured to be part of the organising committee for the NZIFST 2018 conference in Hamilton (leader of the organising committee is John Brooks) – planning the program of the conference and organising/ liaising speakers to attend the conference.  This will be a very exciting involvement to look forward to. 


NZIFST Bronze Crest Award Giving Ceremony Day at Woodford House.jpg