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  • Codes of Practice and Templates
  • MPI Resources - A list of publications, documents, guidance and other resources to help you understand and meet your obligations under the Food Act 2014.
  • Forms  - MPI forms and documents you may need when registering your Food Control Plan or National Programme
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Food Safety Consultants - QAS Alliances


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Data Loggers/Thermometers

FF Instrumentation Ltd

With over 20 years in the NZ Food and Dairy Industry, FF Instrumentation Ltd supplies, repairs and supports analytical and process instrumentation for Quality control, product development and process optimisation. Our customers include some of the very largest companies in these industries, as well as many smaller operations and the research institutes which support the industry.  Complete quality and process control solutions, supplied, calibrated, repaired and fully supported locally.

Belltechnology - Data Trace Logger

The DataTrace products are self-contained, wireless, high precision, data loggers that are used in critical manufacturing, quality control and transportation applications. They are used to measure temperature, humidity and pressure inside a process or inside a product during manufacturing.


Scientific Sales - I Button Data Logger

The Thermochron family of iButtons are temperature data loggers which record and store time, temperature, and optional humidity for later analysis. The iButton's embedded computer chip integrates a globally unique address, a thermometer, a thermal history log, an alarm event log, and additional memory to store user data, such as location data or a shipping manifest. Thermochrons are recyclable and under normal conditions, will log data for up to 10 years or 1 million temperature measurements.

Monitoring Thermally Sensitive Products - iButtons easily attach to containers of frozen or fresh foods, blood products, and chemicals or drug reagents, recording time and temperature during transport and storage. By logging the thermal experience of temperature-sensitive material, you can pinpoint responsibility for spoilage and take corrective action.


Testo - Data Loggers

Temperature control in the food industry is as crucial to product quality as it is to the fulfilment of hygiene requirements and the maintenance of defined ambient conditions when shipping or storing foodstuffs. Testo offers a range of instruments for the food industry which are HACCP International certified and therefore guarantee the accurate measuring results needed for compliance with the relevant regulations.


Metermaster - Thermometers

All electronic instruments are supplied complete with calibration certificates, so you can be confident that the measurements you’re taking are accurate & can be relied upon for audit purposes.

Thermometers both probe and infra red,  data loggers, probe wipes etc


Ecefast - Temperature Monitoring Device

Temperature monitoring devices and systems are used From fridge cells and fridges to process monitoring (sterilisation, pasteurisation etc.), from food market to pharmaceutical industry, to logistic and warehouses control, to transport and environment monitoring. Each solution is designed specifically on the different application needs, with dedicated software and accessories.


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