Custom Food Control Plan Verification Audit

A Food Control Plan (FCP) is a comprehensive plan for managing food safety. A custom FCP is a plan you develop to suit your business. In the plan, you need to identify the food safety risks involved in what you do, and show how you will manage them.  Use your plan to comply with the law, and let customers know their food is safe.

You will need to:

  • Develop your plan - see our consulting page for more information,
  • Have it evaluated - see our evaluation page for more information,
  • Register it with MPI, and renew your registration each year,
  • Get checked by a verifier (auditor) - see further information below,
  • Follow your plan to make safe food.

Verification Objectives

To verify your documented Food Control Plan documentation and operating practices for compliance against the approved programme and to determine compliance with the Food Act 2014, Food Regulations 2015, MPI approval and conditions, Notices and any applicable codes of practice. 

  • We visit your operations and verify whether your approved programme is in place and is effective. This is carried out by checking your records, interviewing staff and observing practices in line with your documented programme,
  • Any deficiencies identified are reported to you immediately,  Follow this link for more information on verification outcomes MPI Verification Topic Outcomes
  • An audit report is issued and audit outcomes are communicated to MPI,
  • Upon closure of your audit report a certificate will be issued. 

 Further guidance can be found on the MPI website; follow this link Steps to a Custom Food Control Plan