Food Control Plan Evaluation Audits

A Food Control Plan (FCP) is a comprehensive plan for managing food safety. A custom FCP is a plan you develop to suit your business. In the plan, you need to identify the food safety risks involved in what you do, and show how you will manage them.  Use your plan to comply with the law, and let customers know their food is safe.

You will need to:


Evaluation Objectives:

To evaluate your documented Food Control Plan for compliance against the Food Act 2014, Food Regulations 2015 and all other associated Food Notices and or applicable Codes of Practice.  

The process involves a desk top review and an on-site assessment.  The review and on-site assessment is to determine whether the documented FCP is:

  • Adequate and will deliver safe and suitable food
  • Covers the scope of the operations and all products and processes are addressed
  • The premises are suitable to produce safe and suitable food

If there are any non conformances identified during the desktop or on-site assessment these are required to be actioned and closed out prior to the evaluator being able to sign off the evaluation report.

Upon completion the evaluator will provide an evaluation report and endorse the customised food control plan. On receipt of these the client will be responsible for submitting these documents along with an application form to MPI for registration.

On receipt of your registration certificate from MPI contact the QAS office and we will schedule in a verification audit with one of our verifiers.  

Further information and guidance can be found on the MPI website;    MPI Application Process