Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) Verification

It is a MPI requirement that all grape winemakers and makers of other kinds of wine, cider or mead are required to have a Wine Standards Management Plan developed and implemented.  This programme has to be audited by a recognised MPI Wine Verifier to confirm compliance with the WSMP and with relevant legislative requirements.         

We visit your operations and verify whether your Wine Standards Management Plan is in place and is effective.

  • This is carried out by checking your records, interviewing staff and observing practices in line with your documented Wine Standards Management Plan. 
  • Any deficiencies identified are reported to you immediately as either non conformances or recommendations
  • An audit report is issued and audit outcomes are communicated to MPI and for exporters a verification summary is issued to WECS
  • Upon closure of your audit report a certificate will be issued.


Follow this link to MPI Guidelines for WSMP