Key Benefits

  • We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated,
  • We are a Ministry for Primary Industries recognised food and wine verification agency,
  • We have Ministry for Primary Industries recognised Food Act Evaluators, Food Act Verifiers and Wine Act Verifiers,
  • Our experienced and practical audit team offer independent, impartial and objective verification services, 
  • We offer consistency of interpretation of standards for Single Sites and Multi Business Clients for National Programmes, Templated Food Control Plans and Custom Food Control Plans, Wine Standards Management Plans (WSMP)
  • We have electronic reporting, enabling timely issue of reports,
  • We are the preferred verification agency for a number of supermarkets, convenience stores, service stations, hospitals, rest homes, childcare centres and manufacturing facilities,
  • We are able to provide updates of verification data analysis for programme management if required by the client,
  • We have ongoing communication with regulatory personnel to ensure that we are complying with requirements. 

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