QAS Support the Community - Volunteer Work & Sponsorship


We provide assistance to the Morrinsville Lions Club with administering the Lone Diners Database and assisting with the annual Lone Diners Dinner


We support the community through assisting sports teams with sponsorship

  • Sponsorship of the 2019 St Peter's Swimming Academy - Stopwatches
  • Sponsorship of the 2018 St Peter's Swimming Academy - Team Travel to Zonals in Rotorua 
  • Sponsorship of the 2017/2018 Sacred Heart Girls Rowing Team
  • Sponsorship of the 2016/2017 Sacred Heart Girls Rowing Team
  • Sponsorship of the 2016 Kart Sport National Sprint Championships held in Hamilton, including the Junior Yamaha Class for drivers aged 12 and under 17
  • Sponsorship of the 2015 Year 9 Samuri Netball Team playing in the Morrinsville Netball League
  • Sponsorship of the 2014 Bowers Cup Year 6 Rugby Team Hoodies 
2017 Rowing Ute.jpg
Rowing Ute 2017.jpg