At QAS we are here to assist you in establishing what type of verification services you require

If your business is to be registered under The Food Act 2014 then you will required to register under one of the following: 

  • My Food Plan 
  • Custom Food Control Plan (You may be required to undergo an evaluation of your FCP – we can assist with this) 
  • Template Food Control Plan 
  • National Programme 1, 2 or 3 
  • Wine Standards Management Plan 

Or it may be that you require another type of verification service, ie 

  • HACCP Verification 
  • Label Verification 
  • Foodstuffs Approved Supplier Verification 
  • Importer Verification  

Contact our friendly and experienced Administration Team to assist with this process.

A Client Information Form is to be completed and returned to enable a proposal letter to be prepared outling our Conditions of Engagement for Professional Services.  

On receipt of the signed acceptance a verification letter will be issued confirming that QAS will act as your Verification Agency.  

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